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Simona, Beatrice M. M., Lilian M. Imbwae, and Sanana M. M.
Lewanika. (2004 Conference Proceedings).
Awareness of Women’s Reality in Mongu District, Western Zambia, Southern Africa.
San Antonio, TX: Women’s Global Connection Conference, 2004.

Guiry, M. (July, 2010).
Marketing for BUWEA.
Workshop presented with WGC for Bukoba Women’s Empowerment Association during WGC immersion trip to Tanzania in July 2010.

Ettling, D., Buck, A., & Dresner-Salinas, T. (February, 2010).
Assessing Women’s Personal and Social Empowerment in Developing Countries.
Presentation at University of the Incarnate Word Research Symposium in February 2010.

Buck, A & Dresner-Salinas, T ( 2014)
Best Practices of Women’s Empowerment in Tanzania & Peru
South West Fulbright Presentation: Transcending Borders, San Antonio, Texas in July 2014
Southwest Fulbright presentation 2014

Ettling. D., Buck, A., & Caffer, P. (2010).
A Pathway to Women’s Empowerment in Tanzania: Capacity Building for Personal and Social Impact.
The International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, Volume 9, Number 12, 2010,, ISSN 1447-9524.
Ettling,Buck,Caffer PDF

Ettling, D., Kabubi, K., Uribe-Kozlovsky, & Teachout, M. (November 2009)
Teacher Preparation through Continuous Professional Development in Zambia.
Presentation at the 4th African Conference on Early Childhood Development, Dakar, Senegal on November 10-13, 2009.
TeacherPrep 2009 PDF

Ettling, D. (Feb. 2009).
Bridging the Divide: Using ICT to foster women’s development in rural Africa. 
Presentation at the United Nations Commission for Social Development Civil Society Form, February 3, 2009, New York, NY.

Women’s Global Connection (November 2006).
Nkenge Commercial Farming Pilot Project: Promoting Women’s Economic Development and Empowerment.
Concept Paper developed by Women’s Global Connection, November 28, 2006.
WGC Project 2006

Ramon, Denise (2013)

Cultural Competency, Adaptation and Intelligence: Non-Governmental Organizations’ Role in this Globalization Era 

Journal of Social Research and Policy, Vol. 4, July 2013 DRamon-Cultural Compentency2013