Water Project


Women build rainwater harvesters in Bukoba, Tanzania.

Women build rainwater harvesters in Bukoba, Tanzania.

In 2011, the WGC provided a grant to BUWEA to sponsor a two-week training opportunity sponsored by the Global Women’s Water Initiative (GWWI) in Kampala, Uganda. The GWWI, a program of the Women’s Earth Alliance, teaches women water and sanitation technologies, which include the construction of rainwater harvesters to collect and store water. The lush Kagera region experiences an average of two rainfalls per month as reported by the Geological Office; thus, BUWEA embraced the idea of building rainwater harvesters. Two BUWEA leaders attended the GWWI workshop where they learned about issues of water, sanitation, and the maintenance and construction of rainwater harvesters. With the help of the GWWI and the two BUWEA members who attended the training session in Kampala, the first rainwater harvester designed to collect 10,000 L was built in Kishanje in 2011. Rainwater would be harvested from the roofs into the tanks through metal gutters.

BUWEA & Global Women’s Water Initiative video


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