Perú Project

Dia de las Madres

WGC has partnered with Pushaq Warmi, a women’s group in Chimbote, Perú whose mission is to provide the knowledge, tools and inspiration women need to be empowered and successful. They aspire to become the organization that transforms the lives of women in Chimbote by improving all aspects of their life – environmental, social, economic – creating a better tomorrow than today.

Dia Internacional de la MujerPushaq Warmi was created in November 2012 by 10 members of Casa de la Mujer. Recently, it has expanded membership by welcoming two others. These wonderful women focus on working in three main areas: delivering workshops around the impoverished communities, communicating and spreading awareness of diverse topics through their weekly radio show and are in the process of implementing a bakery project which will help them gain economicindependence in the future.


RSDThey are always up to something new and exciting! Follow them by liking their Facebook page:

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