Global Business Partners

Global Business Partners


WGC is collaborating with women’s cooperatives in developing countries that are supporting women to address the effects of poverty through micro-enterprise. Each of these local cooperatives has a policy that provides for women helping other women, through pay back or pay forward practice, this insuring that monies received benefit many women. Our current partners are Women’s Global Network- San Diego (WGN-SD), partnering with Bukoba Women’s Empowerment Association (BUWEA) in Bukoba, Tanzania, and Women’s Global Network-Dallas (WGC-Dallas), partnering with Masupanzila Women’s Empowerment Association in Mongu, Zambia.

You can create a partnership with an entrepreneur in a developing country and this will help her start her own micro-business as well as strengthen her capacity to sustain her enterprise. With a grant of $200 you can become a Global Business Partner.

You can also donate seed money to a woman beginning a small home-based economic project. Click here for the possibilities in our Alternative Giving Program.

Our Mission

The mission of Women’s Global Connection is to promote the learning and leadership capacity of women locally and globally, particularly in the least advantaged regions and countries.