The Story in Tanzania

Hekima Secondary School in Bukoba, Tanzania offers over 500 rural girls the opportunity to finish secondary school and prepare for higher education. The girls reside and staff the

entire school complex from operating a farm to cooking and cleaning while they study, so that they can have access to this important step in shaping their life and their country.

Since 2003, WGC has worked collaboratively with the teachers and students at Hekima in professional development and leadership training. The teachers and students have worked extremely hard to improve their
hekima2_edacademic standing, achieving 6th place in their Zone of almost 200 schools.

Yet like many other girls in the country, most of them are performing poorly in Mathematics in the national examinations. This fact presents a real crisis for their future possibilities both educationally and professionally. Without passing Mathematics scores, entrance to higher education will be practically inaccessible within the next few years. WGC is collaborating with Hekima to address the major Math learning problem with the development of a Mathematics Learning Center that will provide assistance to students, Hekima teachers and the teachers of surrounding schools.

You can be part of preparing women leaders who can significantly influence the present and the future of their communities and country.