Early Childhood

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Throughout the world, there is a growing recognition of the importance of Early Childhood Development to a developing nation’s health and social welfare.

Peru ProjectS.Infancia

Women’s Global C1476196_10151746973645836_2143282788_nonnection started working in Chimbote, Peru, with Early Childhood Programs in 2011. Since then, WGC has built a relationship with the project “Sembrando Infancia”, a nutritional and developement project that works with children under 5 years of age and which is supported by the Christus foundation. Currently the project is working in four different land invasion zones ouside of Nuevo Chimbote. Women’s Global Connection is therefore in contact with five Educational Institutions in this area and in direct contact with more than 130 children. Support to these institutions comes in the form of visits by our in-field staff as well as teacher training workshops. WGC training workshops have been run by volunteers travelling to Peru on Immersion trip over the past two years.

Teacher Training Workshop Manual – Sponsored by Misean Cara Funding


Early Childhood Workshop Activities – Spanish


Zambia Project

In 2004, WGC began collaborating with the Mongu, Zambia community to address the needs of young children affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, which has left 1,000,000 orphans and vulnerable children. WGC co-sponsored a national Children Under Seven conference in 2005 with Catholic Relief Services, Zambia. Read 2005 Children Under Seven Conference Report (pdf).


Since then, WGC’sannual teacher training workshops have culminated in the Teacher Training Institute (TTI), 4 week-long sessions for pre-school teachers, followed by on-line mentoring. WGC is partnering with the local community to plan and implement model pre-school programs
which meet the developmental needs of children and offer their parents and caregivers important information on health and HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment. It requires $10,000USD to implement each of these pre-school programs. Continuous development of pre-school teachers is vital to address the needs of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in a manner that is rooted in their local village or community.

A training manual of 4 workshops formatted for train the trainers was developed for the Early Childhood in Zambia project. Click here  Final-TTImanual

Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Mongu, Zambia

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Since 2004 WGC has collaborated with the Mongu community to address the needs of young children affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  WGC has hosted teacher training workshops on early childhood development and grief and loss counseling.
WGC’s endeavors seek to increase the capacities of communities and families by providing support and care for orphans and vulnerable children, and by mitigating against the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic through psychosocial programs, spiritual support, education, food, shelter, clothing and health.

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